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Times have been hard recently and I have not been out with the camera a lot but I am going to try and be more pro-active with photography over the coming weeks.

To kick it off here is my #stayathome twist with this evenings Sunset. 

(Ryan O'Shea Photography) https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2020/4/stay-at-home-sunset Sat, 11 Apr 2020 19:42:31 GMT
I am now a WPE Moderator! https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2020/1/i-am-now-a-wpe-moderator I am happy to announce that I have become a Moderator for WPE Awards Europe!

Head over to their website to sign up and enter there competitions and don’t forget to following their Facebook page to get the latest updates. 


(Ryan O'Shea Photography) https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2020/1/i-am-now-a-wpe-moderator Wed, 22 Jan 2020 19:51:35 GMT
New Style of Editing https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2020/1/new-style-of-editing I have recently been looking at providing my clients a new style of editing for there wedding photos.

As these photos have a great amount of time spent on the editing style, it would be limited to 10-20 photos from the day shoot.


I hope you enjoy these images, they are some of my favourite ones!


(Ryan O'Shea Photography) https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2020/1/new-style-of-editing Mon, 13 Jan 2020 14:24:39 GMT
Member of WPE (International Photographers Awards) https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2019/10/member-of-wpe-international-photographers-awards Good Evening All,

I have decided to become a member of the WPE and enter some of my images in their international competitions.

Flat Vector Badges V1.1Flat Vector Badges V1.1

(Ryan O'Shea Photography) https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2019/10/member-of-wpe-international-photographers-awards Sun, 13 Oct 2019 18:42:19 GMT
Jersey Motoring Festival - Photoshop Edit https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2019/6/jersey-motoring-festival---photoshop-edit I only managed to attend the Jersey International Motoring Festival for the last couple of minutes but I still managed to grab this photo which I decided to give a full photoshop edit.


(Ryan O'Shea Photography) https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2019/6/jersey-motoring-festival---photoshop-edit Fri, 14 Jun 2019 18:31:47 GMT
Dogwood Photography Challenge 2019: Week 1 Story-Telling: Self Portrait https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2019/1/dogwood-photography-challenge-2019-week-1-story-telling-self-portrait  

Week 1  Story-Telling: Self Portrait 


I don't take photo's of myself, i have just never liked too, I prefer taking photo's of people.

I decided to go with this image as it shows me surrounded by things i love.


- The Outdoors

- My Camera

- My Buisness (Book & Pen)

- Music (Speaker)

- Running (Running shoes)

- Riding a bike (Bike helmet)

- Motorbike (Motorbike helmet)

- Car (Car key)

- Wallet (ID, Money & a small photo with the other half)

- Cup of Coffee




(Ryan O'Shea Photography) https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2019/1/dogwood-photography-challenge-2019-week-1-story-telling-self-portrait Mon, 07 Jan 2019 23:06:11 GMT
Jersey Post (Jersey Stamps) - Super League Triathlon Commemorative Sheet https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/12/jersey-post---comm  

I had the pleasure of Jersey Post contacting me to use some of images for their commemorative sheet for the 2018 Super League Triathlon, in total seven of my images were used and three images were provided by Super League directly.

My images are Numbers; 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9 & 10

This Commemorative sheet is available for purchase at www.jerseystamps.com



(Ryan O'Shea Photography) https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/12/jersey-post---comm Sun, 23 Dec 2018 22:32:38 GMT
An Evenings Cycle https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/11/an-evenings-cycle Using my Fuji X100 I captured two cyclists enjoying this lovely evening sunset at St.Ouens, Jersey C.I.

(Ryan O'Shea Photography) https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/11/an-evenings-cycle Mon, 26 Nov 2018 19:11:04 GMT
Testing out the Neewer 500W Strobe Light https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/10/testing-out-the-new-strobe-light I have recently invested the Newer 500W strobe light.

This was my first outing with it, I decided to shoot how I thought the strobe would be most testing.

Below are there of my favourite images from the shoot, for the full album please follow this link to my gallery: https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/p665804719

(Ryan O'Shea Photography) https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/10/testing-out-the-new-strobe-light Wed, 31 Oct 2018 21:29:24 GMT
A Surprise Proposal at the 'Ladies Day' Horse Race https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/8/a-surprise-proposal-at-the-ladies-day-horse-race It is not everyday you witness a proposal however at the 'Ladies Day' Horse Race a proposal took place right under my nose, I was able to capture this special moment with these beautiful images.

These images are very telling of how emotional and rewarding a proposal can be.

**She said YES**

(Ryan O'Shea Photography) https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/8/a-surprise-proposal-at-the-ladies-day-horse-race Wed, 29 Aug 2018 22:53:47 GMT
New Business Banner https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/7/new-business-banner Hi All,

I am glad to show you all my new Banner which was kindly designed by Vince Thorne.


(Ryan O'Shea Photography) https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/7/new-business-banner Sat, 21 Jul 2018 23:24:40 GMT
Business Cards at Fotosound https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/6/business-cards-at-fotosound I am happy to announce my business cards are now available from Fotosound Jersey (5 Charing Cross, St Helier JE2 3RP)

(Ryan O'Shea Photography) https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/6/business-cards-at-fotosound Thu, 07 Jun 2018 20:36:47 GMT
London 2018 https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/5/london-2018 I spotted this cool florescent orange tea pot while walking around London, I just had to take a quick picture of it.

(Ryan O'Shea Photography) https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/5/london-2018 Wed, 09 May 2018 15:15:18 GMT
Jersey Guineas Race Meet 22.04.2018 https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/4/jersey-guineas-race-meet-22-04-2018 On the 22nd April 2018 I joined up with Jersey Events to photography the first Jersey Guineas Race Meet of the year.

Below you will see a couple of my favourite images from the day.

Photographing the event was hard due to the weather, the fog rolled in before the races started and continued to for the first hour, throughout the day the fog cleared and allowed for some stunning images to be taken, it was a fight with the weather.

The full album of over 500 images is available to view and purchase on the Jersey Events Website - http://www.jerseyevents.com/the_jersey_guineas 

(Ryan O'Shea Photography) https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/4/jersey-guineas-race-meet-22-04-2018 Thu, 26 Apr 2018 19:56:35 GMT
Glasgow lighting https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/glasgow-lighting

(Ryan O'Shea Photography) https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/glasgow-lighting Sun, 28 Jan 2018 17:00:00 GMT
Something you don't see everyday https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/something-you-dont-see-everyday While being delayed at Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) I was able to have a walk around and came across these cows on the wall, I have to say this is not something you see everyday.

(Ryan O'Shea Photography) https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2018/1/something-you-dont-see-everyday Tue, 16 Jan 2018 20:28:31 GMT
Domingos Food Truck https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2017/12/domingos-food-truck

(Ryan O'Shea Photography) https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2017/12/domingos-food-truck Fri, 29 Dec 2017 23:50:57 GMT
A Triumph at Christmas https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2017/12/a-triumph-at-christmas

(Ryan O'Shea Photography) https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2017/12/a-triumph-at-christmas Mon, 18 Dec 2017 19:31:29 GMT
Private Client Dining Club Dinner 2017 https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2017/12/private-client-dining-club-dinner-2017 I worked with Jersey Events to photograph this amazing event.

Below are a couple of images I have taken of the event.

All images are availabe at:http://www.jerseyevents.com/privatediningclubjersey2017#h9d6ed618 

(Ryan O'Shea Photography) https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2017/12/private-client-dining-club-dinner-2017 Sat, 02 Dec 2017 12:25:52 GMT
The Kennel Club November Show 2017 https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2017/11/the-kennel-club-november-show-2017 Please find below a couple of sample images that I helped photograph with Jersey Events at The Kennel Club's November Show 2017.

If you would like to view the full gallery or purchase an image please click on one of the images below.

(Ryan O'Shea Photography) https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2017/11/the-kennel-club-november-show-2017 Fri, 24 Nov 2017 17:25:27 GMT
Fun with the Flash https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2017/11/flash

(Ryan O'Shea Photography) https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2017/11/flash Tue, 14 Nov 2017 20:28:15 GMT
Matt's Motors https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2017/11/matts-motors Recently I photographed Matt's local business (Matt's Motors).

Matt uses social media a lot to advertise his business.

These images are perfect for him to use on a website and/or his social media pages. 

Instead of reaching customers just through words, Matt can now put a face to his business, this will help to build a closer relationship with his customers.

It was a pleasure to work with Matt's great local business.  


(Ryan O'Shea Photography) https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2017/11/matts-motors Fri, 03 Nov 2017 13:52:56 GMT
One picture, one thousand words. https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2017/10/messing-around-with-the-flash

(Ryan O'Shea Photography) https://www.ryanosheaphotography.co.uk/blog/2017/10/messing-around-with-the-flash Tue, 31 Oct 2017 22:23:13 GMT